Many people here in Sheffield wonder what is the best way to get new, stylish, yet cheap kitchens?  Say you bought a house and the people who lived there before thought that they could do DIY, but really had no idea? Nothing matching or fitting together properly, and cupboards breaking all around you? You’d clearly be desperate for a new kitchen…

Here at Designer Kitchen Direct we understand these issues all too well, so we’ve been consulting with our industry experts on the best way to achieve a dream, yet cheap kitchen. However, a cheap kitchen does not have to mean poor quality. At DKD our prices are unbeatable because our kitchens are built in our own factory so we can offer factory direct prices with the very best standard of quality.

With our kitchens, you are buying direct from the factory, cutting out the middle man/woman, with no distribution or warehousing costs that have to be passed on. While we may not be cheap kitchens Sheffield we can compete with those that are. And we will always provide quality, value and expertise. Whatever your budget, read on, as our panel of experts have extensive knowledge on how to get the very best value, and how to avoid a cheap kitchen looking cheap!


Think Outside the Box

There are many retailers out there that will do flat-pack DIY kitchens so if you are handy with a drill or screwdriver then this could be the way to go. However, so often, these use thin panels so the cabinets will not stand the test of time; they soon lose shape and rigidity so you have to replace them again in no time at all. For very little extra cost, our factory produces rigid built quality cabinets that provide future proof durability for your kitchen. Using a quality worktop (like those available on our bespoke kitchens), a basic door with nice handles, can transform a kitchen into something truly spectacular, without breaking the bank. Making good use of natural light can also open up the space making it feel more opulent. Keeping clutter to a minimum will also make your space seem larger, more classy and “expensive” looking.



Sometimes it’s not about getting every item completely new or made-to-measure. Try going to local auctions, antique shops or even junk shops and you can unearth some amazing finds. Spending an afternoon looking for a dresser, a kitchen table and some chairs, which may need a bit of work sanding and re-staining or painting, can really accentuate a kitchen space without breaking the bank. Of course, if your budget allows, you can augment this with some quality space saving solutions or innovative kitchen technology.


Hide Appliances

Appliances can be some of the most expensive parts of any kitchen, especially if you want to go for a designer look and feel. However you don’t always have to go for the latest and greatest brands, especially if you choose to hide them in a cupboard! A cheap dishwasher, washing machine or fridge strategically located inside one of your units can cut hundreds of pounds off your overall bill (especially so if you consider second-hand!!) Have a look at our designer kitchen gallery for some great ideas of ways to integrate your appliances.


Use Colour

A simple and effective way to make any space seem more opulent is to introduce a modern or classic colour scheme. While only a handful of kitchen styles and colour schemes survive the constantly changing trends, looking past the status quo can really make your kitchen stand out in a crowd! Our factory can produce doors in any style and colour of your choice so your new kitchen can look like the most exclusive hand crafted, hand painted, top of the range kitchen. Ideas that could make the difference could be the simple, classic blue and grey (that’s not going anywhere soon) but  introducing a turquoise twist. Altertnatively, the ultra modern white and grey palette but introducing a splash of your own favouritecoloured furniture or ornaments  – the possibilities are endless…


Make Use of Original Features

There’s nothing like original features to create personality and uniqueness in your kitchen, especially in older houses! These could have fireplaces or alcoves that can be accentuated as part of the overall design style. These original features can be made into useful storage, or just used as features for your design. Done well, these elements can bring a kitchen to life.

These design tips may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many times our experts have witnessed them not being used to their full potential or just ignored for ease … If you’d like to speak with one of our qualified experts, please call in our give us a call – we’re always happy to help and advise. Our ethos has always been to get the right kitchen for our customers, whatever the budget. If you’re looking for a quality budget kitchen or a top-of-the-range designer kitchen then designer kitchen direct Sheffield will be happy to help, just give us a call on 0114 349 1454 or contact us via the website.