The boom in bespoke kitchens in the last 10 – 15 years cannot be denied! Many new home owners these days first look to creating a luxurious entertaining space whereas not that long ago that, not inconsequential, financial outlay would have been spent on a conservatory, new car or foreign holiday.

This isn’t surprising as there are so many external factors influencing people these days. The rapid rise in house prices has meant that people want to ensure that they would be getting a good return on their investment if they did choose to sell. And for those with young families still wanting to socialise, what better way than to have friends over while the kids are soundly tucked up in bed?

When are bespoke kitchens not bespoke?

There are a large number of companies out there who claim to create bespoke kitchens and while they are no doubt luxurious their claims to be truly bespoke (i.e. created to their client’s particular requirements) are doubtful.

If a kitchen is truly bespoke it won’t be all based on generic sized boxes, manufactured and shipped to a showroom, flat packed… A bespoke kitchen won’t be made out of chipboard covered in melamine with factory-made doors in frames bolted on the front.

A bespoke kitchen won’t come in a standard range of sizes without the flexibility to allow for that awkward corner or wonky wall.

While these types of kitchen do offer an element of customisation, in that consumers can decide on the quantity and style of units, calling them bespoke is stretching the interpretation of the word somewhat!

So what really makes a bespoke kitchen?

A truly bespoke kitchen will be completely unique, built in a dedicated factory by skilled professionals and made just for that client who will be given a complete choice of materials, finishes, sizes and colours. The only limitation being their budget and imagination. A truly bespoke, luxury kitchen will be meticulously planned (usually by a dedicated kitchen planner) and fitted by master craftsmen on site. For instance, here at DKD we not only have a team of master craftsmen to fit our kitchens but we also have highly qualified and experienced designers who will create 3 dimensional visuals, showing our customers a broad range of design solutions, many of which they may not have thought possible. DKD can also offer construction solutions and complete these works for our customers, to either maximise the existing space or even extend a property to accommodate a much larger kitchen, dining, and area for entertaining, or in which to relax and enjoy.

The perception of this true bespoke solution is that it’s eye-wateringly expensive. The material cost and the skill involved definitely means that it’s going to cost more than a generic flat-packed version that’s for sure but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Designer Kitchen Direct’s blog here has plenty of information on how you can create a luxury kitchen on a budget and buying from a reputable kitchen unit manufacturer may work out less expensive than you think. Here at DKD, for instance, we have our own manufacturing facility and can therefore craft bespoke kitchens to exact specifications time after time… For far less than you’d expect!


A luxury kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to be bespoke but if you are looking to maximise your property’s resale value, and have the budget, it can be a sound investment and provide many, many years of enjoyment. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to a completely bespoke solution then check our articles here and here as there’s plenty of information for those on a tighter budget. Alternatively (whatever your budget) feel free to give us a call on 0114 349 1454 or contact us via the website as we’re always happy to assist.