Planning a kitchen can be a daunting task, especially for designer-looking budget kitchens. There are many different styles of designer kitchen available, depending on what you want your kitchen to achieve and the role it needs to play in your life. Some people use the kitchen as the centre of the home, combining it with the dining room to create a space where families converge; whilst some use it only as a place to create food without spending too much time there.

There are several ways to create a beautiful designer style in your kitchen without breaking the bank, here are several of our top tips to create designer-looking budget kitchens:

The Light Fantastic

If your kitchen benefits from having a good light source then a great way to make the kitchen seem more stylish is to simply let in more light. Remove clutter or object from in front of the window and ensure that any blinds are able to be tucked away neatly to let the light show off your kitchen design. Light is a large factor in creating a clean, stylish look that will allow the features of your design to be seen clearly.

Hide and Seek

Having appliances or sundries lying around on countertops can make a kitchen look messy and ages it (especially for budget kitchens), try hiding all the appliances away in cupboards to create a clean, sharp appearance in the kitchen that will help it look a lot more stylish and contemporary. The same goes for all those things you have in kitchens that are a sign of life: utensil pots, jars of tea and coffee, fruit bowls and so on. All of these can easily be tidied away to create a cleaner look.

Keep it Simple

Use simple, bright shades and colours to help cultivate a stylish look that will give your kitchen a designer appearance without the price tag of having a completely new design. Shades of grey and white are great colours for a clean, contemporary look whilst any use of colour should be kept to bright colours that won’t make the kitchen look dark, especially if the light source if limited.

Using one or two shades and colours will help create a kitchen that looks fantastic but isn’t too hectic with patterns or several colours.

Use the Features

Features in kitchens should be made full use of to create some personality in your kitchen. This is especially true in older houses that may have fireplaces or alcoves that should be embraced as part of the design style. They can be made into useful storage or used as features for your design to create a central point of focus in the room.

Try combining them with a colour or other design feature like some tiling to help make them stand out in the kitchen to create a talking point.

Please browse our designer kitchens for ideas or feel free to contact us for more hints and tips.