The kitchen is the central point of any home, it has long been established as the place where most family interactions take place – whether it’s eating, chatting, arguing or planning, the kitchen is where it all happens. Despite a large amount of time spent in the living room, the majority of this time is spent watching TV or not interacting with your brothers, sisters or parents which is what makes the kitchen  so special.

A Place To Meet

The kitchen is where most people are drawn to after they get home from work, school or a long day out. In many cases this is because there is a meal to be prepared which means hanging out in the kitchen, so when other family members come home they will come into the kitchen to see you.

This is also true of the mornings where all family members will pass through at some point in their morning ritual to get breakfast. Even though alarms may be set at different times and the bedrooms and bathrooms are featured, all family members will end up in the kitchen which gives the opportunity to talk about what’s planned for the day and discuss any plans.

Designer Kitchens Not Required

The kitchen doesn’t have to be a designer kitchen or super high-tech – it could be a basic cheap kitchen – but it’s the interactions that happen within it that really make the kitchen a special place. This is especially true if the kitchen is part of a kitchen/dining room layout as this means that meals can be eaten and even more conversation can be had by whoever is cooking with other family members at the table, whether they’re doing their homework, working or just talking about their day.

The frequency of visitors to the kitchen is almost certainly related to the fact that the food is stored there along with some primal instinct to be near the source of heat and warmth in winter that comes with ovens and hobs being used. Kitchens are often the warmest rooms in the house – especially around mealtimes – which helps to draw in family members even if they aren’t interacting with each other.