Painting kitchens is often seen as a quick fix to give your kitchen a new look, perhaps you don’t have the time of money to invest in tiling or you want a change but don’t know what you want, so painting is an easy way to test the water with new colours.

However painting your kitchen doesn’t need to be a quick fix. With our top tips you can make a painted kitchen look amazing, just as good as a tiled kitchen or even better!


Murals are a great way of really making a painted kitchen a feature in your home. If you have a big enough space and the skill to pull it off, a mural is a great way to create a dream painted kitchen. Granted this takes some dedication and not a little amount of skill, but murals don’t have to be huge, wall-spanning works of art.

Try a smaller mural which fits in the wall space in your kitchen, maybe you could choose something kitchen themed like food or drink, or go completely off piste and add your personality to it to create a unique piece of art that will make your kitchen a talking point!

Don’t Let The Walls Have All The Fun

So many people are under the impression that painting a kitchen just involves changing the colour of the walls, but there is so much more potential that could be realised with some paint and an active imagination.

Painting cupboard doors, shelves and drawers can help really change the appearance of the room, so much more so than simply painting the wall and leaving the cupboards the same colour. This takes a little longer to achieve but it is a simple change that will make a drastic difference.

Mixing Paint

For a different approach, try mixing up the colours of the paint you use in the kitchen instead of using the same one on every surface. They don’t need to be wildly different or bright, but subtle changes in tone and colour can have a surprisingly strong effect.

Don’t be shy to use colour too, bright colours can be used to identify a feature in the kitchen and is an easy way to match the kitchen appliances to your kitchen units. Get creative! You can always paint over it after all!

When painting your kitchen ensure your surfaces are clean and that any wood you are painting is primed before adding the new paint, this will provide the best results and prevent you having to re-do the paint job. Happy painting!