A traditional kitchen is a phrase that’s used often in kitchen design, both on the sales floor and in the design process, but what actually ARE traditional kitchens? And what do they include?

Traditional Kitchens: Synonymous with Nature

Traditional kitchens usually come in muted, soft colours which are designed to make the kitchen feel homely and welcoming, based on the traditional use of a kitchen as the focal point for the family home where meals were prepared and eaten.

These muted colours – like creams, taupes, light browns and even light greens are often present on all surfaces to create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen, using the colours that are commonly found in nature . This is in sharp contrast to the edgy, more aggressive design of the contemporary kitchen that uses glass, chrome and bold colours like red, blues or even black.

A traditional kitchen is designed to be complementary to the natural world which is why you will often find patterns such as flowers, plants or animals like birds, butterflies or farm animals in them. These can be as part of a centrepiece mural or tiling work or can be worked through the theme of the kitchen itself.

Natural Materials

This affinity with nature means that you will usually find that the kitchen is designed with natural materials all the way throughout. There’s a wealth of opportunities when using natural products to create an amazing kitchen and keep it traditional; for example marble floors, marble worktops, exposed brick walls, a choice of real wood cabinets and so on.

The floors, fittings and even the walls of the room itself can be adorned with natural materials to create a stunning traditional kitchen which will fit right into a family home.

Intricate Design

Traditional kitchens also usually include fittings that have intricate design features which are in contrast with modern sleek, clean designs. These could include cabinet doors with extra bevelled detail inlaid within them, elaborate metalwork fittings and handles or even floor designs which are a great way to bring a feature piece to any traditional kitchen.