In this day and age you may think the quickest and easiest way to buy a new kitchen is to go into a DIY, showroom or department store and order one. A sales person will be able to furnish you with everything from appliances to worktops. This means you can have a kitchen ordered in very little time… So why would you go to the trouble of ordering your kitchen direct from a manufacturer?

Kitchens direct with no middlemen

With most kitchen shops, DIY or department stores, once you place your order all parts and labour will need to be ordered from various different suppliers, who are often just distributors for the manufacturers themselves. Buying your kitchen direct from the manufacturer cuts out these stepscompletely! Designer Kitchen Direct Sheffield have their own factory and fitting team so you are dealing direct with the kitchen manufacturers here in Sheffield, cutting out several `middle men`, meaning you save time, and money. Going for this Direct Kitchens Sheffield approach will allow you to get a unique dream designer kitchen, fully bespoke, at an unbeatable price and to the highest quality standards.

Your space your kitchenDirect Kitchens - are they a good deal

DIY stores, showrooms and shops, who rely heavily upon distribution networks,and standardisation of supply to a mass market, can only carry limited stock. This means that, more often than not, they can only supply standard sizes and a limited range of style and colour options, so your kitchen will be like thousands of others. Anyone who has lived in a Victorian house (like those we have here in Sheffield) will know that kitchen spaces come in all shapes and sizes. Kitchen manufacturers like DKD Sheffield can cater for the quirks of your home, offering cabinets, doors and worktops in any size or shape, allowing you to maximise the use of your space, in alcoves or under stairs or sloping ceilings.

You can choose the materials

In a truly bespoke designer kitchen, yourcabinets  and doors can come in many shapes & sizes and many different styles and materials. Deciding on what combination will suit your space, taste and budget can cause real headaches and be extremely time consuming. Our design team, at Designer Kitchen Direct, are fully qualified in Design and Interior Architecture, and have an extensive knowledge of our factory production capabilities, and with this broad experience, can guide you and assist you in making the right choices for your dream kitchen design. With walk-through technology, you can see how your new design will look, and feel confident about your choices. Kitchen showrooms, DIY shops and departments stores can only offer a limited rangebut the manufacturers are sure to offer many more options that would suit you far better. By choosing to buy your kitchens direct from a direct kitchen manufacturer you free yourself from what the store dictates or their perception of current fashion trends. Specialists like Designer Kitchen Direct Sheffieldcan offer you any style colour, size, and material as we are the Manufacturers of our own kitchens.

Buy direct kitchens for the best materials

You get to work directly with the experts

While salespeople in shops may know their stuff, what they know is usually limited to the products they sell. Our design team, at kitchen manufacturers, Designer Kitchen Direct Sheffield have an in-depth, encyclopedic knowledge of the manufacturing process and the full range of options available. If you choose your designer kitchen direct from the manufacturer you’re sure to get expert advice, a unique bespoke designer kitchen, a high quality product, and at unbeatable prices.

Direct kitchens - Get the best for lessYou are in control of what you get

Working directly with kitchen manufacturers you can keep control of the entire process. You’ll be dealing directly with the designers, installers, and suppliers – a one stop shop – not a salesperson or middleman who works for a large unaccountable operation. Designer Kitchen Direct also have their own Construction team so if you need any building work carried out prior to the installation of your kitchen, this can be completed as part of the package, so you only have to deal with one person – your Designer. You know exactly who you are dealing with, someone you can call direct, or call in to have a chat, rather than getting frustrated by call centre staff

In summary, dealing directly with a kitchen manufacturer like Designer Kitchen Direct Sheffield will ensure you:

  • Don’t have to pay middlemen so will be more cost effective.
  • Can get a kitchen designed for your specific space.
  • Have a wider range of materials and storage solution.
  • Get to work with experts rather than salespeople.
  • Have far more control over the work being carried out.

While certain retailers may be able to beat a bespoke designer kitchen manufacturer on price, a cheap kitchen can look just that; cheap! (for information on budget kitchen makeovers please see our Turning Cheap Kitchens Into Bespoke Spaces post). Dealing directly with regional kitchen manufacturers to get kitchens direct from the manufacturer will ensure that you are getting the very best value, guaranteed!

For kitchen manufacturers Sheffield please contact Designer Kitchen Direct  as we will be happy to help, just give us a call on 0114 349 1454 or contact us via the website.