Invest in corner cupboardsSpace saving cupboard

Corner cupboards can make a huge difference when space is tight, however they can be hard work to properly organise and access. Here at DKD we build and install an array of solutions for these spaces. Whether it’s storage for cleaning materials, tins or pots and pans a bespoke pull out carousell or something like this Lemans pull out can bring your cupboard items straight to you.

Ensure your drawers are organised

Drawers can get cluttered and messy but if you can make better use of the space you can utilise these to your advantage. Say goodbye to messy drawers bulging with stuff and ensure that everything has its place. Investing in a sturdy drawer organiser can completely change how your essentials are laid out. Here at DKD we have been investing in design and pride ourselves on our innovative solutions like this unique sink drawer.

Designer Sink Drawer

Utilise every inch of spaceKitchen Storage

Use every inch of your cabinet space. For instance shelf risers will enable you to store dishes, pans, plates and more without wasting an inch. Consider installing internal storage drawers, which are convenient for kitchen necessities. Review your kitchen and go through the corners, nooks and crannies to see what can be utilised better. A great example would be transforming areas by utilising horizontal stacking with individual compartments, perfect for bottles, or vertical shelves so you can organise better.

Install a skylight

Nothing increases the sense of space in a small room like natural light. This is especially true in a kitchen. Adding a skylight in a small or offshot kitchen (like those we have in Sheffield) can change the whole feel of the space from one that is enclosed and claustrophobic to one that is open, airy and vibrant.

Employ a kitchen designer

Well we would say this… But wait! There’s more than just self promotion going on here… A small kitchen has very particular needs. The need for precision and knowledge is tantamount. Employing the expertise of professional kitchen designers can pay dividends when it comes to investing time and money into a small space. Speaking to professional designers such as those we have at DKD means that you can take advantage of our knowledge and technology to create a small yet practical kitchen of your dreams.