Our Studies and Offices


Quality Office Furniture

All of the cabinets in our range of office furniture use only the highest quality materials to provide your study with stunning furniture that will stand the test of time. Built in Britain, we make our cabinets with 18mm high-density panels to provide a rigid structure that won’t buckle or warp; finishing the cabinets off with our quality doors in a range of designs and styles to match your office decor.


Matching Doors

The doors to your office and study furniture are what will be presented to any colleagues, clients or visitors; making them an important feature to consider when designing you bespoke study space.

Our range of solid wood doors are bespoke, manufactured to your exact specifications by our experienced designers. This allows you to match any colour or style with the decoration in your office, creating your perfect workspace without having to go to the expense of redecorating to match the furniture.

Our range of doors includes traditional wooden varieties as well as a selection of painted doors to match the colour and style of the room. If wood isn’t your thing then we have a range of contemporary Italian ultra-sleek gloss or matt finishes to make the space look professional yet keep it functional.All of our range have a selection of accessories to choose from including handles of all varieties, lighting and storage solutions.

Our designers will work closely with you to find out what you want from your bespoke study, taking into account storage, space and layout of the room and what it is you will be using the room for. Our designers have decades of experience and will be able to offer advice on how to achieve your dream home study.

Most importantly, we can give you a truly unique, designer fitted study or office, at an unbeatable price.


If you need any building work, to maximise or improve your space, we also have our own building team, who can assess, quote, and complete the preparation work in readiness for your new fitted study or office furniture.


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