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5 Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

Invest in corner cupboards Corner cupboards can make a huge difference when space is tight, however they can be hard work to properly organise and access. Here at DKD we build and install an array of solutions for these spaces. Whether it’s storage for cleaning...

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Easter Giveaway

We’re giving you the chance to win a spa session for two at Spa Naturel Fitness Sheffield in our Easter Giveaway! Simply head over to our Facebook page and like this post then tag your +1 in the comments for your chance to win. The winner will be announced on Tuesday...

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Kitchen Ideas for 2019

With 2018 well and truly behind us it may be the time to look into that new kitchen that you’ve been hankering after for a while now. But with so much choice these days picking a style that suits your particular needs can be a daunting task! Here at Designer Kitchen...

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Why Should You Buy Kitchens Direct From The Manufacturer?

In this day and age you may think the quickest and easiest way to buy a new kitchen is to go into a DIY, showroom or department store and order one. A sales person will be able to furnish you with everything from appliances to worktops. This means you can have a...

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5 Innovative Ways to Build Dream Cheap Kitchens

Many people here in Sheffield wonder what is the best way to get new, stylish, yet cheap kitchens?  Say you bought a house and the people who lived there before thought that they could do DIY, but really had no idea? Nothing matching or fitting together properly, and...

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Budget Kitchens – Top Design Hacks

Planning a kitchen can be a daunting task, especially for designer-looking budget kitchens. There are many different styles of designer kitchen available, depending on what you want your kitchen to achieve and the role it needs to play in your life. Some people use...

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The Kitchen: The Hub Of Family Life

The kitchen is the central point of any home, it has long been established as the place where most family interactions take place – whether it’s eating, chatting, arguing or planning, the kitchen is where it all happens. Despite a large amount of time...

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Turning Cheap Kitchens Into Bespoke Spaces

Not everyone can afford to have their dream kitchen – or so they think ! You can create a unique, quality, and beautiful space, whatever your budget, and remember, looking for a cheap kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with cheap quality. For instance...

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What Are Traditional Kitchens?

A traditional kitchen is a phrase that’s used often in kitchen design, both on the sales floor and in the design process, but what actually ARE traditional kitchens? And what do they include? Traditional Kitchens: Synonymous with Nature Traditional kitchens...

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