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Brampton Ash Shaker Kitchen; Classic Rich Warmth, with a Deco ‘Herringbone’ Twist

Designer Kitchen Direct unveils a stunning new kitchen design that embodies classic warmth with a touch of deco-inspired flair. This guide explores the key elements that create a space both inviting and undeniably stylish.

Brampton Ash Shaker

Ingredients for Timeless Charm

  • Door Style and Colour: The Brampton Ash door style provides a clean foundation with its understated elegance. A bespoke sage green (courtesy of Little Greene) adds warmth and character, while the contrasting Normandy grey island (also by Little Greene) creates a subtle focal point. This two-tone approach adds depth and visual interest.

Hardware Harmony

  • Oxford Belfast Sink (Thomas Deny): A touch of classic farmhouse charm with timeless design and functionality.
  • Black Flex Quooker Tap: Modern luxury meets practicality with a boiling water tap that adds a stylish touch.
  • Alexander & Wilkes ‘Leila’ Hammered Brushed Brass Handles: The warm metallic finish complements both green and grey tones, while the hammered texture offers artisanal detail.

Brampton Ash Shaker

The Perfect Worktop

  • Calacatta Venice 20mm Worktop: Luxurious veining and a subtle pattern elevate the design. This high-quality quartz worktop offers exceptional durability and ease of maintenance, ideal for the modern kitchen.

Bringing it Together

This design masterfully blends classic elements with a touch of contemporary flair. The rich colour palette, natural textures, and herringbone-inspired layout result in a warm, inviting, and undeniably stylish space.

Brampton Ash Shaker

Create Your Dream Kitchen

By incorporating these design elements, you can achieve a similar look and feel. Here are some additional tips from us:

  • Complementary Lighting: Warm under-cabinet lighting highlights the worktop, while pendant lights above the island add personality.
  • Accessorise with Style: Opt for pieces that complement the colour scheme and hardware finishes. Brass or copper accents beautifully complement the brushed brass handles.
  • A Touch of Life: Add potted herbs or strategically placed plants to bring life to the space.

With Designer Kitchen Direct, you can create a timeless and effortlessly elegant kitchen that reflects your unique style.


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