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Farmhouse Flair Meets Modern Functionality

Stepping into David and Katherine’s kitchen is akin to embarking on a timeless journey. Designer Kitchen Direct has masterfully orchestrated a space where farmhouse charm seamlessly blends with modern function, creating a symphony of elegant comfort.

Respecting the Past, Embracing the Present:

Sunlight from the kitchen window dances across the exposed oak beams, whispering tales of the past, while antique brass fittings and a classic Belfast sink nod to cherished traditions. Yet, cleverly integrated conveniences like pull-out larder towers and a multi-functional island bring the comfort of modern ease.

Storage Solutions Reimagined:

Gone are the days of cluttered countertops. Two sleek, spacious towers provide ample storage, their pull-out shelves bathing everything in light for effortless organisation. An expansive island replaces the formal dining table, offering additional workspace and fostering social gatherings around its welcoming presence.

Soft pink herringbone tiles create a whimsical counterpoint to the muted green cabinets, echoing the hues of the farm windows. This gentle contrast is further enhanced by the use of Farrow & Ball’s “Skimming Stone” and “Lichen” on the walls and base units, respectively.

Modern farmhouse kitchen.

Warm Touches and Exquisite Details:

Patinated brass accents, from the Quooker tap to the Alexander Wilkes handles and shelf supports, add a touch of warmth and vintage charm. Feature oak dovetail drawers peek out from inside, each a testament to quality craftsmanship.

The Heart of the Home:

The Aga, seamlessly integrated into the existing chimney breast, becomes the heart of the kitchen, radiating warmth and character. Bespoke units, thoughtfully designed to accommodate the beams, ensure their timeless beauty remains unobscured.

Limestone flag flooring completes the picture, grounding the space with a touch of rustic elegance.

A blend of traditional and modern farmhouse styling.

David and Katherine’s kitchen is more than just a culinary haven; it’s a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design. We have collaborated to achieve a space that celebrates both heritage and innovation, creating a warm and inviting environment perfect for making memories to last a lifetime.

Are you ready to embark on your own kitchen journey? Contact Designer Kitchen Direct today and discover how they can craft your dream space, where the old and new meet in perfect harmony.


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