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Fitted storage for every room in the house

In today’s modern life, ‘stuff’ is becoming more and more easy to accumulate. Unsurprisingly, we are all too often running out of space to put it all. How can you make the most use out of that alcove next to the fireplace? Or that little space under the eaves?

It can be difficult to find storage items off the high street that both suit the style of your room and fit into your space. But, fitted storage solutions might just solve all your problems. Here at Designer Kitchen Direct, we offer a range of options in any style, colour and size, built bespoke to fit into any space.

Fitted wardrobes in for your bedroom

Opting for built-in wardrobes in your bedroom can provide a seamless finish to the room, while maximising every inch of available storage space. Wardrobes can be built to any specification, whether you prefer a clean full wall of cabinets or a solution that surrounds your bed.

Built-in storage for your office

Office storage is one of our specialities at DKD. Furniture can be built to complement your space and incorporate any equipment and stationary requirements you might have for your home office. Even better, cabinet doors can truly become a part of the décor. Whether you want a blend-in look with painted fronts, or a rustic wooden contrast, built-in office fixtures can improve any space.

Alcove cabinets for your living area

It can be difficult to make effective use of all that space in alcoves around a chimney breast, but fitted storage allows you to make use of as much as possible. Opt for floor to ceiling fixtures to truly maximise on storage space. Alcoves can suit both concealed storage (with cabinet doors offering a huge variety of design options), or open shelving for a place to attractively display books and knick-knacks.

Bespoke walk-in wardrobes

If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in wardrobe, why not give it the glamorous look it deserves? Our fitted wardrobes will undoubtedly give you a truly luxurious feel. Think about incorporating a dressing table into your cabinets for a really indulgent touch. Remember, all our fixtures are available in any size, style and colour!

Under a sloping ceiling

Storage space under a sloping ceiling, or under eaves can be difficult to beautify, or even make use of. It can be easy to give up and settle with fragmented boxed storage. However, fitted storage is the perfect solution. Not only can a seamless built-in fixture make your room look smoother and more comfortable, it can make those annoying little spaces into the perfect place to hide things away.


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