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Introducing Open Storage to Your Kitchen

Why should you opt for open storage in the kitchen?

When it comes to kitchens, everyone has a slightly different taste. Some like sleek and simple, others prefer traditional and homely. One design aspect that may divide people, is where you should keep your crockery and utensils. Should everything be hidden away? Or do you prefer to display your treasured mugs and dishes?

We have put together some great open storage methods, to convince you to bear your favourite kitchen accessories.

Open up some upper cupboards

This can be one of the best methods to ease yourself in to bearing everything. Opt for a glass-front cabinet for an elegant touch; or choose a completely door-less frame to allow easy access to your crockery. It couldn’t be easier to open up cupboards. Simply do away with the door!

Extend to the lower cupboards

For a more dramatic ‘on-display’ look, think about opening up some lower cabinets, too. Or instead – whatever takes your fancy! This can be effective when used to display a collection of metal saucepans and frying pans which contrast with the space. Use this method in the main body of your kitchen, or in an island.

Use shelving

Another simple, yet effective idea. Shelving can have a number of different effects, depending on the materials you opt for. Wooden shelving can add a tough of rustic homeliness, whereas opting for a metallic finish will give the room some sleekness. Whatever your taste, shelving is the perfect way to add a display to your kitchen – and you can make it as big as you like!

Add a utensils rail

This is by far the easiest way to introduce some open storage to your kitchen. A utensils rail can be used to hang small items like spatulas and oven gloves. But you can also choose to hang bulkier objects like pots and pans.


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