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Sheffield Kitchen Showroom, Designer Kitchen Direct Limited, Becomes Victim of Fraud

Sheffield Kitchen Showroom, Designer Kitchen Direct Limited, Becomes Victim of Fraud

Sheffield-based kitchen showroom, Designer Kitchen Direct Limited – often abbreviated to ‘DKD’ – has become the victim of a fraudulent trader in Cheshire. Unfortunately, a number of customers have been affected by the scam company, trading as ‘DKD, Macclesfield, Cheshire’. Designer Kitchen Direct Limited would like to clarify that they are in no way connected to this rogue trader.

After being contacted by victims of ‘DKD, Macclesfield, Cheshire’, Designer Kitchen Direct Limited would like to assure customers that these unfortunate incidents have been reported. Having contacted to the police, the Company was advised to report the issue to ‘Action Fraud’ – a government agency which deals with fraud cases, such as this.

The ‘company’ in Cheshire, that has passed itself off as the Sheffield showroom, has allegedly taken significant sums of money from customers as a ‘deposit’ for works which were never consequently carried out.

In a statement, Designer Kitchen Direct, Limited, said:

We are extremely saddened to hear that people have been experiencing problems with a company trading as DKD, Macclesfield, Cheshire. We would like to assure customers that we have no connection whatsoever, with the kitchen sales operation.

Designer Kitchen Direct Limited has just one showroom, in Sheffield and trades within a 15-mile radius of this showroom. The company also has its own factory near Darlington, called DKD Manufacturing Limited.

If you have had a negative experience with DKD, Macclesfield, Cheshire, we advise that you contact Action Fraud to record your experience. Designer Kitchen Direct, Limited has also contacted the fraud watchdog, ‘Rogue Traders’, to raise awareness of the fraudulent company.

They encourage victims to also report their experience to ‘Action Fraud’ and ‘Rogue Traders’, to help improve evidence for the case. The reference numbers for Designer Kitchen Direct Limited’s open cases with both of these agencies can be provided by the company, upon contact.

The Sheffield kitchen showroom expresses the upmost sympathy for those affected by the fraudulent trader, and sincerely hopes that the civil cases opened by their company will result in positive outcomes for the victims.

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