In the modern age there are loads of gadgets and gizmos that you can add into your home to make life easier – some are gimmicks that last a few months and others are genuinely lifestyle altering.
Here are our top 5 kitchen gadgets to make life easier:

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

Less of a fridge, more of an over-sized tablet with food storage, the Family Hub does everything that your smart gadgets does and more to make life even easier.
It has a 21.5inch touchscreen on the front which is integrated with other Samsung devices so you can mirror and stream from one device to the other. It is synced with Amazon Alexa and will connect to your Echo if you have one.
Perfect most useful though is the fact that this fridge takes pictures of the contents when you close the door with its 2 internal cameras; it then emails you these pics so you can never be mystified about the contents again. Cool.

Handle-less Units

Bear with us on this one. One the face of it, handle-less units seems like a guaranteed way to make your life that little bit harder, but with technology this isn’t the case.
Handle-less units use pressure to open and close meaning that if you have your hands full or your hands are dirty from preparing food, the days of fumbling around trying to get the cupboard open are gone.
Pressure can be applied by any part of the body which will make life much easier when you have your hands full.
This also provides a design element, with many designer kitchens now having the option of a wide range of finishes and colours. See our range of designer kitchens online for our own styles.

Integrated Speakers

As Bluetooth has become more advanced we have seen an increase in the potential for products to use Bluetooth for streaming throughout the house.
A common feature these days is integrated Bluetooth speakers which can be within cupboards, worktops or even light fittings.
Subtle speakers integrated into your designer kitchen means you can seamlessly stream your music, audiobooks or whatever you listen to into your kitchen from your device. This eliminates the need to have a radio cluttering the worktops or fumbling with your phone whilst cooking.

Integrated Sockets

Plug sockets are a necessity in the kitchen, with every appliance needing somewhere to be plugged in. This can lead to a mess of extension cables and socket adapters all over the place, ruining the look of your kitchen.
Luckily integrated socket banks are now becoming more commonplace. These hidden units reside under the worktop and can be easily pulled up when you need to plug something in, with the cables also being kept neat and tidy.

VUX Systems

Perhaps the most exciting piece of integrated technology to hit the market is the Grundig VUX (Virtual User Experience) System.
Straight out of a Sci-Fi film, the VUX projects a user interface onto a worktop of your choice and allows you to select all of the elements connected to it. You can control all of your appliances from a hob to a dishwasher, making your entire kitchen more futuristic and neat.
There are a number of extras available with the VUX too; such as integrating a baby monitor so you can watch your baby sleeping without carrying a monitor around the kitchen.

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