Not everyone can afford to have their dream kitchen made by a quality kitchen designers or to get the absolute best materials available for their new space, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t create a unique, beautiful space. Whatever your budget, you don’t always have to have to compromise with cheap quality. For instance here at DKD we create bespoke designer kitchens using the best materials available but as they are coming straight from the manufacturer you will always get the best possible price. If, however, you already have a kitchen and need to transform it then read on:

In this post we have come up with our top 5 tips for transforming cheap kitchens into fascinating places where you will love to spend time, with just a little effort on your part.

1. Splash of Colour

Adding colour to any room is guaranteed to make it more unique – whether you’re adding a neutral colour to match your decor or if you want to make a feature. You can cover up cheap materials and surfaces in your kitchen with some quality paint to make it look more appealing.

See our post on painted kitchens for some tips on how to make a painted kitchen a success.

2. Unique Fittings

Adding your own unique fittings can be an excellent way of making your space unique. Replacing the handles or knobs that come with cheap kitchens can help you add your own personality to your kitchen and these can easily be replaced with little effort.

Use these to add some of your personality into your kitchen, whether it’s with colours or unique pieces that will make sure your kitchen is unique to you.

3. Incorporate Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle and hobbies should be a part of your kitchen, and even with the cheapest kitchen it’s easy to bring your interests into your kitchen design. If you enjoy cooking then make sure you have plenty of space dedicated to preparation by adding clever storage solutions that won’t break the bank.

Or if you are sporty then add some feature areas that will make the kitchen unique, such as using bike components as wall decorations or using sporting equipment as features in the kitchen environment.

4. Upgrade The Important Bits

Cheap kitchens can cut the cost of everything, using the basic materials and models to help keep costs low and make them so cheap in the first place. A good way to increase the longevity of your kitchen and add your personal stamp to it would be to upgrade the parts you use the most.

If you cook a lot then upgrade the oven. Need more storage? Invest in some storage solutions. These don’t need to have a huge impact on the cost and will increase the effectiveness of your kitchen.

5. Accessorize

The kitchen design is one thing, but accessories are another beast entirely. Even the cheapest kitchen can be hidden behind accessories, whether it’s stunning wall art of the appliances you put in them.

Adding eye-catching yet functional accessories will help your kitchen feel like a great place to spend time regardless of how much it costs.